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If you’ve always got your Car Insurance from a national company, it may come as a surprise just how much money you can save by taking the time to obtain a quote from a locally based, independent broker. We’ve been operating in the Kettering area since 1978, providing competitive quotes for a variety of insurance products. Particularly if you’ve remained with the same provider for a number of years, are a new driver, a motorist with points on your licence or the proud owner of a vehicle which falls into one of the higher insurance groups, we can nearly always find you an appropriate policy.

Our strength lies in taking the time needed to obtain a detailed profile of each customer, which in turn allows us to create a specifically designed policy which minimises their premium whilst ensuring they enjoy a high level of cover.

In addition to Car Insurance we have a wide range of other products on offer and can sometimes create a bespoke package for our customers which can be advantageous. Due to our continued presence in and around Kettering, we have a significant local customer base with much of our business being obtained through personal recommendation. Our local outlook and knowledge of the area means we can provide a unique service which isn’t replicated by larger national companies. If you are looking for a friendly, honest provider, then we would be delighted to help. Either pop in and see us or why not ask us to call you at a convenient time?


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