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Nearly every motorist dreads the day that their Car Insurance is due for renewal. The large amount of conflicting information about the types of cover available and the best type of product to select can make the decision making process extremely challenging. Luckily for customers in Wellingborough, we are able to offer a personalised, relaxed service which ensures you get attractive quotes which are appropriate for your needs.

We pride ourselves on finding out as much as we can regarding the factors which can affect your premium price, then using this information to get you the very best deal we are able. Often it’s a number of little things unique to your motoring habits or lifestyle which can make a big difference to your insurance costs. These little details are sometimes missed by generic comparison agencies, so a no-obligation quote from us can save you a considerable amount.

With over forty years of successful trading in and around Wellingborough, we are confident that our attention to customers and determination to find them the very best price that we can have contributed to us remaining in business for so long. Whether you are an experienced motorist who wants to drive down the cost of their driving, or a first time driver who needs assistance to get a low premium, we can provide experienced assistance. Even if you’ve got motoring convictions or drive a vehicle which is usually difficult to insure, we will always go the extra mile to find you a suitable Car Insurance policy at an advantageous cost.


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