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When was the last time that you switched Home Insurance provider? Increasingly, rather than rewarding customers for their loyalty, insurance companies raise the policy premiums annually to the extent that frequently an alternative provider will provide a more competitive product. Particularly for residents in and around Wellingborough, we are pleased to provide a range of attractive insurance products which can often save you money. We pride ourselves on treating each customer as an individual and spending time ensuring we obtain enough information to get every client the very best price we can source. Our attention to detail means that our quotes are frequently more advantageous than those of national companies.

We are a firm which has enjoyed steady trading and growth since we began operating in 1978. Our continued success is due to our friendly manner, professional expertise and determination to provide the very best service we can to local people in Wellingborough.

Remember that your situation can change as time goes on, so even if you’ve had a Home Insurance policy for years, it’s always worth revisiting it to check that it provides the level of cover which you need and is being offered for a reasonable amount. For new home owners who are taking out a policy for the first time, we are pleased to offer quotes which can be far less than those offered by your mortgage provider. If you need any form of insurance from a friendly, nearby company, we would be pleased to hear from you to see how we can assist.


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