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GSI – Landlord Insurance in Peterborough

If you’re currently renting a property or considering this as an option then you may have already looked at the requirements you need as a landlord. One investment, which isn’t legally needed, but is highly advised, is landlord insurance.

Suitable for both commercial and residential lettings, landlord insurance provides the ideal cover for you and your property whilst in the hands of another occupier. Unlike regular home insurance, this type of policy considers issues such as;

  • Disputes in payment from tenants to ensure the mortgage is still paid
  • Covers for leaks, structural damage and other unforeseen damages
  • Accidental damage caused by tenants

This type of insurance is there to cover any unexpected costs regardless of who is to blame. Accidents happen at any time but ensuring you can get the money to make the property safe should be of the highest importance.

Choosing the right Buy to Let Insurance

We at GSI have built a reputable portfolio of landlord insurance providers to offer our clients the most suitable options for their needs. It doesn’t have to be a minefield choosing the right policy, simply fill out the online quote forms for the type of property you’re leasing and we’ll do the rest.

If your rented property is based in or around Peterborough then we can help find you the right cover. Whether you choose to fill out our online forms, or prefer to give one of our experienced advisors a call, don’t delay in securing your policy.


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