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When you’re running a business, getting the right insurance can be time consuming and frustrating. Often policies only include some of the activities that require cover, or different insurers require varying amounts of information before they can quote. Luckily, if you’re located in Corby or nearby, we are a locally based, well-established insurance broker that has been providing a range of policies, including Motor Trade Insurance, since the 1970s. We find that our local knowledge and links give us a unique insight into common challenges which nearby businesses face and enable us to find customised insurance packages which ensure that every one of our clients gets a superb deal.

Often our attention to detail and willingness to spend time ensuring we have all the relevant information from a customer before attempting to find them cover means that our final price is far less than you might pay when using a nationally known company.

As each policy is tailored to individual needs, you never get more Motor Trade Insurance than you need and we work with you to minimise the risk of some parts of the business having double cover due to policies taken out with different insurers for different reasons whilst other areas remain unprotected. Many of our Corby customers find that having just one, friendly point of contact for all their insurance needs makes the whole process easier and makes claiming a less stressful experience. If you need a competitive quote either now or in the future, please contact us and we will be delighted to assist.


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