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Whatever aspect of the motor trade you are involved with, the chances are that some form of Motor Trade Insurance will be required. From cover for premises and equipment through to a policy which protects your vehicles and those of your customers, there are many aspects of the business which require an appropriate policy.

As experienced brokers who have been working with businesses in Kettering and beyond for decades, we recognise that each company has slightly different needs, meaning they require a policy which is customised to give them an appropriate level of insurance. Because we treat our clients as individuals, we take the time to gather information on every facet of the company which requires cover, enabling us to give a uniquely tailored quote.

Having attained a loyal customer base over the years, we have found that many customers discover that when their Motor Trade Insurance is due for renewal, their situation has changed significantly from when the initial cover was obtained. We take this into account when recommending a fresh policy for the forthcoming period, ensuring that everyone we deal with gets the very best price on a continual basis.

If you have been trading in Kettering or nearby for a while, you may well have heard of us from other businesses in the area as much our new work is obtained through personal recommendation from satisfied customers. If you are new to the area or want to know more, why not fill in our online form and we will be delighted to call back at your convenience?


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