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Business Insurance – Are You Properly Protected?

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Risks are unfortunately a common feature of running a business; if you own a business, it is therefore advisable to invest in insurance in order to protect your property, investment, assets, employees and customers/clients from all manner of different risks. Business insurance policies are specifically tailored to a commercial environment to help manage the consequences of problems arising, whilst also ensuring your finances are protected and your business can continue to function in an efficient manner while minimising disruption.

Benefits of Business Insurance
There are several benefits to business insurance and it is important to be aware that avoiding taking out a policy is likely to only prove detrimental to the firm in the long run. An insurance policy will offer you much needed protection by covering assets, vehicles, equipment and other property in the event of flooding, fire, theft and other types of damage.

Additionally, if an employee or a customer is injured at your workplace, you may be held liable for negligence if the accident was deemed to be your fault. It is a requirement under UK law that any business which hires staff must have employers liability insurance; this is in place to protect both the employer and the employee in the event of accidents at work.

As well as providing you with cover to protect your assets and business, there are a number of insurance policies which businesses are required to have by UK law – operating without them could place you in legal difficulties, so it’s important to ensure that you have the right cover.

Bespoke Policies For Your Industry
We’re able to provide a wide range of comprehensive business insurance policies to suit a whole range of trades and industries – from offices and doctor’s surgeries to shops, pubs and restaurants. This allows you to ensure you have the best and most appropriate policy to suit your business; often general policies do not always cover the specifics required in your industry, but that’s where the policies we’re able to find our customers come in.

For example, the range of restaurant insurance policies we’re able to provide quotes to include the employers liability insurance as required by law, as well public and products liability, insurance for goods in transit, protection against theft by employees and even insurance against damage or downtime due to acts of terrorism.

With the right business insurance, you can:

• Reduce disruption, costs and damage to the business; ensure your business is able to operate as normal as possible during repairs etc.

• Ensure you comply with all UK laws and regulations requiring mandatory insurance policies (e.g employers liability insurance)

• Save yourself from stress and worry that accidents, thefts etc. will cause loss of revenue for your business.

We at GSI Ltd help businesses across Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas purchase affordable and comprehensive business insurance as we have a range of policies available to suit all types of requirements and budgets. As insurance brokers, we believe in providing quality and prompt service to our customers, and also offer assistance during the insurance claim process in order to make the experience easy and less frustrating.

Visit our website for some further information on what business insurance we can provide.


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