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Modified 4×4 Insurance: Key Questions Answered

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When you have spent so much time looking for your ideal 4×4 car and modified it to suit your needs, whether that’s for business purposes or your own hobbies and interests, the last thing you want is to get it on (or off) the road without adequate insurance. Finding the appropriate insurance policy is absolutely essential; typical motor insurance often won’t provide the right kind of cover.

With specialist 4×4 modified vehicle insurance, you can get on and off the road with your four-wheel drive without having to be concerned about whether your claims may be invalidated. With reference to that, here are answers to the key questions most people ask while looking to get their modified 4x4s covered.

How Much Does It Cost?

When you invest in a 4×4, especially one with specialist modifications, you have to expect the costs to vary from that of your typical motor insurance if nothing else, purely on the type of usage the vehicle will be getting – it’ll be more likely to be involved in accidents and potentially dangerous situations. Nonetheless, the expenses incurred in insuring such vehicles can be considerably minimised by obtaining coverage from insurance providers offering specialist modified 4×4 cover – this alternative is usually much cheaper than the ordinary vehicle insurance trying to cover this kind of usage and these kinds of modifications.

What Modifications Can Be Covered?

More often than not, 4×4 vehicles will be modified by their owners to enhance performance and increase safety. While you may have a bit of a problem getting the car covered by a regular insurance company due to such alterations, our specialist 4×4 insurance here at Gsi Insurance allows us to accept just about all modifications. These include engine improvements, suspension upgrades, jack up kits, roll cages, and winches, as well as countless others – be sure to contact us for further details about which of your specific modifications we accept.

What Kind Of Usage Is Accepted?

While you may find a typical everyday 4×4 users driving on main roads, those with specialist modifications are more likely to use them for off-road trips and on rough terrain. Depending on how you plan to use your car, you can get the appropriate insurance cover from us here at Gsi. Still, it’s good to keep in mind that off-road coverage costs more than standard coverage hence you have to evaluate your needs keenly before you decide on the policy to go for.


Regardless of that, if you decide to invest in our specialist modified 4×4 cover, you can be confident that you have access better coverage as we not only provide the best and most appropriate cover, but they also have more knowledge on what is required to insure 4x4s.

If you are in the market for insurance for your modified four wheel drive, getting such coverage isn’t difficult. Whether you want comprehensive or third party only cover, we can provide you with competitive premiums to ensure that you get the protection you deserve. To get help on how to go about obtaining this sort of 4×4 vehicle insurance, speak to us today at Gsi Insurance and we will make sure that you find the right deal.



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