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On The Move: GSi Insurance Is Now Mobile Friendly

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Surfing the web has become much more of a mobile experience than ever before – recent reports suggest that 57% of users browse the web on a mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) in addition to their home PC. Using a tablet or a mobile phone for internet searches has become the norm, and so it is essential that sites are mobile responsive for the user.

Here at GSi Insurance, we’ve updated our website so that our mobile and tablet browsing customers can get the best possible experience. Our latest post helps you understand what ‘Mobile Responsive’ is and how our latest online changes can help you as a customer.

What are Mobile Responsive Sites?

To be mobile responsive means that the layout and content of a site will adjust to the dimensions of your mobile device without directing you to a separate website. The site quality, both text and images, will be displayed perfectly whether you use a 15” desktop or a 5” inch mobile phone screen.

The specifics of mobile responsiveness in our technology can be filled with excess jargon that can be confusing, and it is unnecessary to learn the specifics. When you’re browsing a website, it is essential that the layout and content correlates with your device so that you use the site to its full extent. Here at GSi, we have recently introduced this feature to our site.

What Does It Mean For Our Customers?

GSi offer a significant amount of insurance types for our customers. Each kind of insurance is different and therefore we must provide the essential information as well as offer our customers the option to ‘Get A Quote Now’.

Our new mobile friendly site allows our customers to browse these necessary details successfully on mobile devices, as well as on computer desktops. You won’t be redirected to a mobile site or made to constantly zoom in on specific areas. All of GSi’s information is clearly displayed and our customers can easily obtain a quote whilst using a mobile device. Especially perfect for those who are on the move and require the information quickly and efficiently. Check out our site on your mobile device today and see for yourself!


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