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Insurance Premiums Finally Falling

Posted on

At a time when prices seem to be continually on the rise, motorists everywhere will be pleased to hear that car insurance premiums are bucking the trend. Last month, the Guardian reported on a survey carried out by Confused.com and Towers Watson which revealed some pleasantly surprising results. It was found that over the past [...]

Landlord Insurance FAQs: All You Need To Know

Posted on

If you are a landlord, then you will already be aware of the fact that there are a lot of different aspects that you have a responsibility to cover. However, one thing that many landlords seem to forget is the fact that they need to protect themselves and their properties, too.

Why is Business Insurance a Must Have for All Companies?

Posted on

While you’re busy making sure your business is running smoothly, insurance can seem like an added expense and extra work to organise. You may not even think it’s necessary, outside of the legal requirements of things like employers liability insurance, and that the events and situations covered by the various types of business insurance won’t [...]

Business Insurance – Are You Properly Protected?

Posted on

Risks are unfortunately a common feature of running a business; if you own a business, it is therefore advisable to invest in insurance in order to protect your property, investment, assets, employees and customers/clients from all manner of different risks. Business insurance policies are specifically tailored to a commercial environment to help manage the consequences [...]

The Importance Of Landlord Insurance: Why You Need To Get Covered

Posted on

Whether your property portfolio consists of a spare room or a collection of penthouses and high-rises across the country, being a landlord comes with rights and responsibilities that need to be protected by a landlord’s insurance policy. The level of cover you receive is equivalent to the value of your property, so there’s no reason [...]

Are You Paying Over the Odds For Your Home Insurance?

Posted on

Home insurance is an absolute essential to ensure that you are financially protected if anything should happen to your home or your belongings. It gives you the peace of mind that should the worst happen, your finances won’t be heavily affected. Are you paying more than you should be for your home insurance ?


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