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GSI - Public Liability Insurance in Peterborough

  • Public Liability Insurance

There are many insurance policies required when running or owning a business, but then there those that are often forgotten about but can lead to large pay outs if not invested in.

One of these is public liability insurance, but fortunately, we at GSi are here to offer advice for businesses within the Peterborough area that require a policy to protect them. This is to ensure cover in an event where a claim made against them by a member of public.

Why invest in public liability insurance?

If you’re a business who welcomes people in to a property such as a store or showroom, or you attend properties to conduct your line of work such as a plumber or electrician, you have a duty of care to ensure these people are safe at all times.

We all know accidents occur, but this is where public liability insurance can mean the difference between financial damage and financial security.

This type of insurance not only gives you peace of mind that you’re secure in the event of an accident, but also your customers will receive the best service if there is ever an incident that affected them directly.

What does this insurance offer?

Although public liability insurance isn’t compulsory, many businesses don’t see the blessing that the small investment can offer.

Pubic liability insurance offers pay out for many different occurrences, including;

  • Injury during an event of activity hosted by a company
  • Injury or damage caused by an accident
  • Damage to a person or their property

It differs from other insurances in that there are no fines if a business doesn’t have this type of insurance, but the security it can offer for both small start-up companies as well as big organisations shouldn’t be ignored.

For more information on our policies or to receive a quote from one of our friendly team, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our online enquiry form or 01933 411 888.

However if you are an existing customer, log back into your account for an updated quote.


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