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Whether you own your own taxi or run a fleet which are then hired out, ensuring you have the right Taxi Insurance is crucial. Not only is there a need for insurance in the event of an accident, there are added complications for taxi drivers when their vehicle is off the road as they are unable to work unless an alternative cab can be found.

For many taxi owners in Bedford, insurance premiums can be high and some drivers currently have a large excess on their policy in order to minimise this cost. Unfortunately, in the event that a claim is made, the driver will have to find the significant excess sum, which can be difficult in the short time period commonly allowed. We take all these factors into account in order to ensure our taxi driver customers get the very best insurance product to meet their needs.

As an independent insurance company based in Bedfordshire, we are very well aware of the challenges which taxi drivers and owners face when it comes to obtaining the right Taxi Insurance. This is why we inform our clients of all the options available to them, from a basic third party policy through to Gap cover for a large excess on your policy. Drivers across Bedford find that our customised approach often means our quote is highly competitive and they enjoy the opportunity to deal with a Bedfordshire based company. Our policies include not only motor cover, but can also incorporate breakdown assistance, public liability, total loss vehicle hire and several other options.


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