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If you drive your own taxi, it might seem that there are plenty of difficulties to deal with each day - taxi driving is a challenging field that demands the best from you and your vehicle. Because of this, drivers need specialised insurance to make sure that they are fully covered for any of the potential mishaps that may arise during daily work.

At GSI, we've been providing taxi insurance services in the Corby area for over three decades, with policies tailored to both individual drivers and fleet operators.

Cover Available

As with car insurance, there are different levels of taxi cover.

  • 1 - Third party. This covers you for damage caused to other people's vehicles and property. It's the basic level required by law.
  • 2 - Third party fire and theft. Protects your vehicle against criminals damaging and stealing, and fires.
  • 3 - Comprehensive taxi insurance. This is full cover to protect both your property and others affected by accidents you are involved in.

Additionally, we offer optional further cover to drivers and operators in Corby.

  • With public liability insurance, you may choose to cover up to £10 million, to guard against property and personal damages.
  • Motor legal expenses covers you for the cost of legal action, up to £100 000
  • Breakdown cover ensures you won't be stranded in the event of a breakdown
  • Vehicle hire provides a replacement vehicle service while your vehicle is being replaced or fixed
  • Gap insurance guards against financial losses from your vehicle being written off - a danger particularly with more severe crashes or older vehicles.

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